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Plan Your special day - your special way... 

The is a brainchild of and at Gurgaon , an Company promoted by and who has been in the vivahplanners and wedding planners and Event Management in Wedding and based in India.

We at the vivahplanners have organized numerous such functions of National and International importance. We provide, Complete Wedding, Party or Wedding Event related Information, Product and Services Globally to suit your Taste, Style, Budget & Requirements.

We at the vivahplanners understands local needs and answers them with world-class Quality and Choice. Whether the mood is traditional or fashionably cuttingedge. We create an atmosphere and service that's warm and individual.

Throughout our history we have been a Leader in the Matrimonials Service and Wedding Service. Themes, Decoration and Food traditionally has been a part of every celebration and essential part of the festivities.

We at the vivahplanners work as a closely-knit team to help each other to overcome challenges and provide our clients with Professional, Efficient and Courteous service.

Our Recipe for success? Simple. Our people. We understand the values of a 'well-seasoned' staff. Our Primary Focus has always been to remain flexible to the needs of our clients

We at the vivahplanners believe that Good Business Relationships are forced from Gracious, Honest, Reliable Service and we are proud of the partnerships we have created over the years Globally.

Our and and AD in Media in , Star TV, NDTV, CNBC, Zee News, DD News, Sahara NCR, S1 & TOTAL TV, Local Cable Tv and Newspaper hindi and English and also Magazine hindi and English.

We specialize in the Wedding, Party or Wedding Event Planning & Co-ordination and relieve you from all the botheration of Planning and Execution of various functions related programmes, enabling you to enjoy the occasion with its charm and intensity and give a touch of class that echoes for a long time in the memory lanes of the participants.

We are committed to provide services in Wedding Hospitality which will confirm to the specific requirement of the client as per their Taste, Style, Budget & Requirements. This will be advanced by continually improving Quality, Management System, Process and Technology. This policy shall be reviewed periodically for suitable and changed if deemed necessary.

Our aim is to bring each service associated with the concept of a Wedding, Wedding Party or Wedding Event under one roof, immaculate design, dedicated to the very Theme of Marriage, Party or Event. We will provide every conceivable idea related to a typical Function or Event. , Wedding coordinator/Planner comes to you as a consultant with professional expertise to advice and guide you through the arduous task of planning your wedding....

If you or someone you know is getting married there are quite a few emotions flying around: Stress, Anxiety, Tension and maybe even a little Fear, this is the time to think of hiring a Wedding Planner.

A Wedding coordinator/Planner comes to you as a consultant with professional expertise to advice and guide you through the arduous task of planning your wedding. We understand your needs and make a wedding which reflects your style, taste and personality, all within your desired budget

List of Services: Vivahplanners

  1. Theme Weddings
  2. Venues
  3. Catering
  4. Cakes
  5. Rentals/Hiring
  6. Invitations
  7. Accompainments
  8. Lighting
  9. Tentage
  10. Floral Decor
  11. Music & Entertainment
  12. Mehendi & Grooming
  13. Photographer & Videographer
  14. Accommodation
  15. Trousseau Packing
  16. Wedding Favors
  17. Keepsakes

Flowers are synonymous with love, beauty and vitality. Flowers constitute a subtle element that sets the tone and style for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Used for decoration as well as for all ceremonies...

Flowers are synonymous with love, beauty and vitality”

Flowers come in beautiful colors shapes and sizes but their 'specialists'-the florists-come with their prices and their experiences. Some are wedding specialists; some have designer boutiques while others work from home.

It is usually more advisable to opt for a florist who specializes in weddings, who has experience in delivery and arrangement. As prices can fluctuate dramatically, we will ensure that the price is the same as we agreed to with the florist. We'll arrange that perfect florist for you.

The perfect alchemy of a few, precious ingredients guarantee the success of an event, style, imagination, creativity, attention to details and absolute commitment.

Since you are a Protagonist of the party, leave your worries to us. We will help you in creating a unique atmosphere, so that your memories will be as magical and true as your dream.

With our long standing experience in the field of Event Planning and Wedding Management we are able to assist you in your choices, or to organize the following services for you:

Location research for ceremonies and receptions, catering, illumination, photography, music, security, car services, hostess services, entertainment, media coverage, Invitations, etc.

As one of Gurgaon leading companies in Event Management and Wedding Planning, offers to its clients a vast selection to choose from.

The special events business has always been one which involves creativity, ingenuity and a lot of hard work.

The challenges involved in making an ordinary event into a memorable one are many, but what remains of this is the degree of dedication which our specialists show at . The imagination, inspiration and the special attention to the minutest details, as well as their passion to create beauty with style and panache pushes them to the boundary of this fascinating and constantly evolving field.

Our Specialty: Vivahplanners

  1. Developing a theme for the event.
  2. Securing sponsors to subsidize the expenses if required.
  3. Planning, designing and executing the catering requirements.
  4. Securing top tier talent where required for entertainment and promotion.
  5. Planning for V.I.P. guests.
  6. Securing media exposure.
  7. Making sure the budget doesn’t go over board.
  8. Ensuing that each area of the event goes smoothly as planned.
  9. Lighting according to requirement.

Be it Gala’s corporate parties or gatherings, fashion shows, college reunions, road shows or art exhibits, we’ll take care of everything for you

Pace has been recognized for its vision and professionalism in the field of Hospitality. The blissful marriage of Creativity and pragmatism has produced

Awe-Inspiring results that exude Elegance and Sophistication. The basics to the end product of a restaurant, Design, Décor, Menu Planning, Marketing, Media Hype, Licensing, Feasibility Study, all will be handled by us. We will look for the right place, the availability, the legalities, the Suburbia, the Environment, etc for you...

All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your ‘Investment Grow’.

Being a good restaurateur involves more than having the right designer to develop a wining scheme. Today’s customers demand value, comfort and convenience. Restaurateurs have now had the need to add less expensive entrees to their menu’s and introducing healthier fares, exotic cuisines and take-out’s to encourage guests to dine out as often as possible still one of the most important factor is presentation.

Consumer’s expectation has risen dramatically, compounded by modern technology and communications, which have made us internationally mobile and given us a sophisticated awareness of other cultures and foods, all of this is reflected in the rich diversity of cuisine, architecture and design on display in today’s restaurants.

In our ‘lifestyle’ obsessed times, these public areas where you eat and drink define to an extent, your social self.

Every city has its own personal gastronomic history, with maybe a little or no room to expand on it. Each city has its own character, be it a typical long and narrow, bustling type of restaurant or a high-style designer one. Restaurants are making their mark around the globe.

Today, restaurants can look like anything, from a bedroom to a spaceship to a ship cabin, from a Buddhist temple to an on road dhaba or to a souk from the deserts of Arabia to the jungles of the Savannahs. Provided there is a place to rest a plate. When it comes to inspiration the world is the restaurant designer’s oyster. We at ‘Pace’ introduce you to the most unique, and unusual restaurant spaces from around the world, places built to seduce diners and to fire their imaginations. Pace specialists will create for you designs which will facilitate dining experiences for your diners in accordance to the spectrum of romantic to psychedelic, buzzing to the subdued, from sublime to downright manic.

Agreed, not all will be to everyone’s taste but like an unknown territory, each will have something to offer to your potential diner.

We here bring to you 5 basic categories of restaurants to choose from.

  1. Global
  2. Retro-Pop
  3. Modern Classic
  4. High Concept and
  5. New Baroque.

These are not rigid categories that we follow; they are merely an attempt to summarize some of the major trends of the 21st century, a kind of zeitgeist shorthand that communicates the popular themes and preoccupations of the present day.

1. Global: In this category come restaurants whose designs are either inspired by or are incorporated by diverse cultures and countries. The restaurants in this category demonstrate how designs, like food have become a melting pot of ‘global styles’. Our specialist will help you use material integral to the culture or country you are seeking to emulate or will help you apply evocative colour schemes or integrate artworks, icons or deities to create that perfect global ambience.

2. Retro-Pop This section represents nostalgia, its trend is to seek designs that create pop optimism of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The atomic age is the inspiration for this theme. White is often the most prominent choice for the interiors, but specialists at are also using colour changing lighting to drench spaces into a plethora of pastel shades, making them even more evocative of the optimistic candy colors of the 1960’s.

The materials used in this theme contain elements that hark back to a golden and comfortable past. In this age of uncertainty, this restaurant offers its diners home-grown familiarity and a buoyant nostalgia.

The instinct ‘return to the hearth’ is well fed in this type of restaurant.

3. Modern Classic

A simple design with clean spaces that do not rely on tricks, themes or grand gestures. Restaurants in this category range from minimal spaces where elements are pared down and decorations are sparse, to places where our specialists have relied purely on classic, natural materials.

The term ‘Classic’ in not intended to conjure up the notion of a long standing establishment but refers more to the simple materials used and the ‘Classic’ definition of restaurant as a room with chairs and tables used as a dining space. To suffice this theme we can say it is where
“Less is, it seems often considered more”

4. High concept

This category would include restaurants that display outrageous designs. These are restaurants with eclectic, bizarre interiors or we can also refer to them as dining wonderlands.

In doing up these brash restaurants our designers at have really let their imaginations run ‘wild’ with creating unique interiors.

5. New Baroque

A very new and rare concept where a maximalist backlash to all things minimal and sleek is used. This approach of New Baroque mixes elaborate, antique or ornate furniture and decoration with avant-garde objects, modern pieces and also sometimes modern technology- all in a self referential, ‘tongue in cheek way’.

In this concept our specialists want to create a decadent flourish here with say silver and gilt to make it sit with modern materials like fiberglass and molded plastic, a sumptuous swath of silk or velvet to send your diners into the whimsical sphere of New Baroque.

While the world gets more compact, the Indian weddings continue to expand. What makes the Indian wedding so resilient? It’s because somewhere the great Indian wedding is an affirmation of ‘family’, which is among the deepest held of Indian values. The bride and groom are actually quite incidental to the whole show. Cupid is running around between the shamianas. The air is full of intrigue, hormones are on high alert. Hindi films have taught us that love is inevitably found at Indian weddings.

It’s not that everything runs honky dory, at times there are tiny little disasters that do occur, but then that’s when comes in, prying away the faults and leaving the wedding running smoothly as planned.

An Indian wedding happens, after duly consulting almanacs and horoscopes of the partners to be. It is usually a culmination of a series of related ceremonies, accompanied by feasts, music and celebratory shows for the guests which we’ll organize according to your requirements.

Weddings, Honeymoon, Anniversaries and Renewal Vows are important life events that call for special celebrations. Our personalized planning services are tailored to meet the demands of these major events. Our role is to act as your “wedding manager”, assisting you step by step through the planning process and taking care of all the details so you can focus on the exciting aspect of living the wedding experience away from home! We take an active role in planning the major event components, ranging from the ceremony setting to catering services, local transportation and local activities coordination. We help create personalized destination weddings based on your individual interests and budget.

Key areas of assistance in a wedding event usually include:

Assistance in comparing and contrasting different destinations in order to determine the "right" one for you and your party.

Choosing the ideal environment for the wedding ceremony and reception: Castle or Villa Historical and artistic Town Hall (legal civil ceremonies) Church, Gurudwara, Mosques, Temples (religious ceremonies), assisting with the legal procedures of civil or religious marriage and completing all the necessary paperwork.

We as your wedding managers will suggest venues best suited to your convenience and comfort, taking into consideration the type of event being organized. offers online & offline information and details about Indian Wedding & Event. For any further query or to book a package, Please call & contact at office vivahplanners. We would require some information in order to plan your Dream Wedding & Event.

If you are looking for advice on wedding & Vivah Matrimonials related matters. If you are looking for advice on wedding related matters and vivah matrimonials YOU do not have to look any further. Our on Panel Doctor's, Lawyers, Personality Development Roomers, Astrologers, Psychiatrists, Vivah Astrologers, Vivah Coordinator, Wedding Coordinator, Tarot Readers - who are eminent personalities in their field are available to answer your queries...

Vivah Point provides professional wedding planning services, we coordinate each and every detail, ensuring you a beautifully orchestrated wedding day.

Our services are totally flexible. Vivah Point team can plan your entire wedding or just provide "day of" coordination. Also, whether your wedding is big or small, casual or formal, the knowledge, professionalism and assistance of an experienced planner will save you time and unnecessary research.

Our professional team is creative, flexible and experienced. With our careful planning you will actually save money and a lot of unnecessary time planning and sourcing vendors. We can be your one point of contact, this takes the pressure off of the couple so they can enjoy the experience of planning their wedding and most importantly, enjoy their special day.

  • Hotel Accommodation: Your comfort and that of your guests is our top priority – You can choose from a list of hand picked hotels ranging from 3 star to 5 star Hotels. Various special group packages are available.

  • Dream Settings (Locations): A varied choice of locations from your hotel gardens to a/c halls, beach settings, hill tops,  Old Portuguese Mansions, Cruise boats, Arab Dhow etc.

  • Transport: At our disposal are a range of cars, luxury cars and mini busses. Air / rail transfers, wedding conveyance, sight seeing etc.

  • Catering: The best of the best from Indian to  Continental to Chinese to Goan and any other cuisine that you may desire. Our chefs range from 5 stars to private caterers depending on your choice.

  • Entertainment: Goa the land of Music – You name it we organise it (Bands  ranging from solo artists to full 5 piece groups. Dj’s, Indian Classical performers, ghazal singers and celebrity artists. 

  • Lighting: Let there be light on occasions that brighten our lives - Lighting – an important element in any Indian Wedding. (Diyas, Serial lighting, mashals , lasers, strobes, fibre optics….)

  • Videography / Photography: Memories should last forever – what better way than to capture them. Only the best professional photographers, and vidoegraphers will be provided to you. High quality Wedding Portraits are a small part of what we assure you.   

  • Fireworks: A spectacular display of fire works symbolizes and highlights any festive occasion – Fire works ranging from waterfalls to colour balls to star bursts and lots more at unbelievable prices.

  • Stationery: The announcement of your wedding is an integral part – Your invite reflects your character and the theme of your wedding – Simple, bright, trendy or something entirely new – the choices are endless – but you can have exactly what you desire. We shall help create them for you.

  • Aromatic Massages & Beauty Treatments : Every bride needs to feel beautiful for her special day – We also feel that the Groom needs to be pampered to look and feel his best for his beautiful bride. Special packages to suit your budget that include various kinds of massages with special oils, pedicure, manicure and complete make–overs.   

  • Mehandi: Mehandi the essence of a Bride, her happiness and fortunes and the Grooms hidden name. We help you to strengthen this romance in many interesting ways. Arabic, Rajasthani, or Gujarati mehandi – Black, Red or White.

  • Flowers: Colour, beauty and fresh like a bride – auspicious and grandiose like the occasion. We import only the best flowers from India and abroad and our experienced florists can decorate mandaps, torans, entrances, table decorations, cascades, and everything else.

  • Wedding Gifts & Gift Wrapping: Gifts are exciting for everyone. How one wraps and presents a gift is as important as the gift its self. Gifts and gift wrapping in exciting and creative styles – Designer clothes to hampers to personalised souvenirs – We do it all !

  • Groom / Bride Carriage: Keeping to the old tradition we can organise that the Groom arrives on Horse Back or on an Elephant, and in keeping up with times we can also arrange for luxury cars, limos or even a helicopter! For the Bride – we have a Doli or an antique palanquin.

  • Honeymoon Packages: Being in the tourism industry for the last  years we have perfected the art of customer satisfaction. Goa being our home we know it best and can offer you just that – the best. We also have a network of our agents around India and in exotic locations abroad to offer you nothing but the most romantic honeymoon you and your bride could ever have. 

  • Wedding Registration: Civil Registration, Temple registration and all other legal paper work form a part of our many services.

  • Other Events: Theme Parties, Corporate Conferences, Wedding Anniversaries, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Puja’s etc.

Give us a call and contact; we’ll help you plan that warm, intimate and very special wedding day that you’ve both always dreamed of.

Vivah Point coordination, planning and management has been a natural extension of the concierge concept. It’s actually some of the most demanding work. Everything has to be perfect, or that special "once in a lifetime" day isn’t going to be perfect.

When it comes to your Commitment Day, you require a professional to assist you in this most momentous occasion. Making a commitment is a serious step in your life, one you have thought about for a long time. In choosing Vivah Point services, you will have fewer things to worry about on this, your special day. We are a full service for wedding, providing for you, all the details your lifestyle requires. We will make your day seamless. Your Commitment Day will be one that is talked about for years, thanks to the thorough understanding of your specific needs. You have always chosen the best decisions for your life and have also chosen the finest things. You realize quality when you see it and Vivah Point services is the "quality provider" you require. We are reflective of your high standards and will make sure that is carried out in every aspect of your Commitment Day. Allow yourself a meeting with an experienced wedding coordinator who will bring confidence to you immediately. In understanding hands such as Vivah Point services, you will achieve a day like no other.
It's nice to be assisted by someone who "understands"!

Outside India, but trying to plan a wedding in usa and Canada  We can help with this difficult task. We have worked with brides both internationally and locally.
With over years of satisfied clients, Vivah Point has proven they can help make that "perfect day" for you.


Head Office : 1943, Sector 4, Urban Estates, Gurgaon, Haryana , India, Ph.: + 91 - 0124 – 2326846, + 91 - 0124 – 2220455, + 91 - 0124 – 5101943 ,Mobile : + 91 - 9811809546, + 91 - 9899336667, Email :,,,, Website :, ,,, , Branches : Delhi, Chandigrah, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Kanpur, Lucknow, Faridabad, Rohtak, Mahendergarh, Rewari, Bhiwani, Shimla, Indore, Bhopal, Patna, Ranchi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Alwar, USA, UK, Canada.


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