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India No.1 Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, .

Welcome to Vivah Marriage Bureau. We present best proposals for brides and grooms from the Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, .
If you would like a proposal to be listed in the Vivah Marriage Bureau office, then you need to become a Member. You can do so by filling Once you become a Member, not only these biodatas but other suitable biodatas from our huge data bank will be made available to you.
Vivah Marriage Bureau has large data of well settled and professionally qualified boys and girls.Are you visiting India during this Vacation to get Married? Approach us before coming, so that we can keep everything ready before your arrival, to give you the wider & the best choice in the short time to make your trip Success.
Vivah Marriage Bureau, the well-known and very successful result-oriented experienced Matrimonial website of repute, has now made a special and exclusive section for "Cosmopolitan Indians and NRIs" as there was constant request by the eligible candidates.
Vivah Marriage Bureau was the first Marriage Bureau to go on the Internet and this website has very successful results in India and USA / Abroad all these years.
Running Vivah Marriage bureau at India since last many years. Vivah Marriage Bureau has arranged the highest number of marriages of candidates based in India and Abroad. Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, having highest number of Members. " Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, " is the FIRST Marriage Bureau to launch on Internet.
Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, is a very well-known successful in Marriage Consultant & Match-Maker since years. She runs the most successful International Marriage Bureau India, mainly concentrating on Indian families. Having members not only from all over India but also from all over the world like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, U.A.E., Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Srilanka, Madagascar etc. From big industrialists, leading businessmen, renowned social figures, high officials, doctors, engineers, Chartered Accountants to the people from all the Strata of society are members with her. She is having marriageable candidates from the age of 19 to the age of 65 years. In this jet age, when people can't devote much time for socialising and nobody takes responsibility for others, Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, gives professional services to all the strata of society for arranging marriages of their children. Marriage bureau makes the world small for the people. Takes active interest in widow-remarriage and re-marriage of divorce ladies. Helps out in arranging marriages of disables and handicappes. For the handicappes the work is always done free of charge. Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, is the very successful ambitious social worker and marriage consultant & understand thinking and choice of young generation better. Many marriages have taken place through Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, and many couples are leading happy married life. She has got the record success in arranging numerous marriages. Many marriages are taking place through her Internet Website.
Indians staying abroad coming for a very short period to India for marriage purpose gets the best services through her and gets settled in life. Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, at Head Office at India But We make two Indians marriageable candidates meet at abroad and gets them settled down.
Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, , gives wider and better choice of selection to the society which results into successful happy marriages. This helps a lot to the parents. Vivah Marriage Bureau is the one who really respects the choice of the candidates and tries to understand their requirements and thereby tries to give them maximum satisfaction in getting their life-partner. Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, also tries to help society by giving guidance on Common Matrimonial Problems through press, stage, Radio and T.V. talks etc.
Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, is the biggest, most successful, trustworthy marriage bureau favourite amongst cultured well-settled, well educated affluent settled in India & Abroad. Here one to one personal service attention is given. Here all the information is kept strictly confidential.
" Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, is the No. 1 marriage bureau for Indians.
Welcome to the premier Indian Vivah Matrimonials service.Has been helping Asian and other communities in finding suitable and compatible life partners. Our vast experience in the matrimonial field has successfully helped perform thousands of happy marriages in the India & Abroad and other parts of the world. Our members are Hindus etc.
Our services are fast and confidential. The introductions given to members are of high level of compatibility that they often lead to marriages. The great contributions by Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, in this field has been echoed by various newspapers and magazines, including radio and television. Out ex-members also recommend us to other people to join Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, as they tell their success stories to them.
Vivah Marriage Bureau, Chat Mangni Pat Vivah Matrimonials, International has been praised in various national/international newspapers, magazines, also by radio and television networks.
Our members come from all walks of life, religions, castes, marital status, nationalities, and including multicultural Indian . They occupy highly professional positions such as: barristers, solicitors, doctors, medical consultants, dentists, pharmacists, scientists, researchers, executives, I T consultants, chartered accountants, architects, general managers, company directors, chief administrators, teachers and professors, diplomats, office workers, social workers, business people including exporters and importers, etc.
Our services are fast, friendly and with the highest success rate. Complete confidentiality is maintained throughout, and your particulars will never be disclosed to non-members. This is what makes this Vivah Marriage Bureau a unique institution where people join in large numbers with full confidence.
Once an application has been received and accepted, compatible introductions are sent by email or post. In urgent cases these may be passed on by telephone. Particulars as supplied in the Registration Form are analysed and matched with those of our other members', keeping in mind the choice sought by both the parties. Our introduction process is fast, the aim being to try to achieve results as quickly as possible. Members may then contact each other either by email or telephone to have a chat. Further introductions follow, the aim being to find that Mr or Miss 'right' who fits in perfectly for marriage. In many cases, the first introduction produces the desired results as both the members are so much satisfied and attracted to each other that they do not fancy seeking another introduction.
Our services are highly confidential. Your particulars will never be revealed to non-members. Our correspondence is either by e-mail or By phone and in plain envelopes when sent by post.


Head Office : 1943, Sector 4, Urban Estates, Gurgaon, Haryana , India, Ph.: + 91 - 0124 2326846, + 91 - 0124 2220455, + 91 - 0124 4101943 ,Mobile : + 91 - 9811809546, + 91 - 9899336667, Email :,,,, Website :, ,,,, Branches : Delhi, Chandigrah, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Kanpur, Lucknow, Faridabad, Rohtak, Mahendergarh, Rewari, Bhiwani, Shimla, Indore, Bhopal, Patna, Ranchi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Alwar, USA, UK, Canada.


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