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Honeymoon in India


After a much celebrated wedding ceremony comes the honeymoon. Honeymoon is a time where one can relax, after the hectic wedding ceremony. Honeymoon, to a certain extent also draws the couple towards each other. However, choosing the right honeymoon destination is essential. India has some beautiful places that serve as the perfect honeymoon destinations. While on a Honeymoon in India, you can spend your time in the hill stations or the beautiful beaches. You could even choose to enjoy an adventurous honeymoon in India.

For more information on Honeymoon in India, you could visit The perfect Honeymoon Destination – India

There are several destinations you could choose from, for a Honeymoon in India. India has a rich architectural heritage and has several magnificent architectural marvels. You could visit places like Rajasthan and Khajurao, and relive the beauty of the many temples and monuments that these places house.

For a Honeymoon in India, you could explore the Andamans, Goa, or Lakshwadeep and enjoy some precious moments with your partner on the beach. In fact hill stations like Ooty, Manali, Dalhousie, Shimla and Uttaranchal also serve as ideal Honeymoon destinations for a Honeymoon in India. However, if you want to spend your honeymoon amidst snowcapped mountains then you could choose to visit Kashmir.

All these places are quite popular and visited by several couples from all around the world. The honeymoon destinations in India are beautiful and offer picturesque settings for an ideal honeymoon.

Special features

While on your Honeymoon in India, we will take care of all that you might need, during your stay. From arranging for accommodation to sight seeing trips, everything will be taken care of. The facilities provided by us ensure that you have a memorable Honeymoon in India.

Honeymoon in India

• Honeymoon in Andamans
• Honeymoon in Dalhousie
• Honeymoon in Goa
• Honeymoon in Kashmir
• Honeymoon in Kerala
• Honeymoon in Kodaikanal
• Honeymoon in Khajuraho
• Honeymoon in Lakshadweep
• Honeymoon in Manali
• Honeymoon in Ooty
• Honeymoon in Rajasthan
• Honeymoon in Shimla
• Honeymoon in Uttaranchal
Looking for Honeymoon packages in India or abroad? Your choice of a honeymoon destination will depend on your budget, time available, prevailing weather conditions and preference. Indian Wedding Planners presents packages to great honeymoon destinations and ideas and tips to plan your honeymoon in India or outside India.
DESTINATIONS INSIDE INDIA DESTINATIONS OUTSIDE INDIA Just give us the honeymoon destination of your choice and we will get back to you with packages, costs, and possible itineraries. Our travel partners will make your honeymoon travel a relaxing affair.
DESTINATIONS INSIDE INDIA Some of the best honeymoon destinations in India: Offers a head mix of atmosphere and recreation amidst, perhaps a dream - like paradise, comparable to few other conference and convention centres in the country. People here are a fun loving, easy-going, indulgent population with smile, warmth and hospitality as their words of welcome, Goa's people are perfect hosts and are there in every venue with timely assistance and information to make your honeymoon a more memorable one. Goa offers a choice of exotic beaches, packaged tours to cathedrals, churches, temples, ruins and waterfalls.
The Southern state packs a variety of experiences for the visitor. Some of the finest beaches any where in the world, many being off the beaten tourist track, idyllic backwaters allow for laidback cruises through palm tree and rice paddy country. Some of the best ethnic style hotels in India and quality house boat accommodation , coupled with the opportunity to explore the diverse cultures, provide for a memorable honeymoon.
SHIMLA This pleasant sprawling town set among the pine-clad hills presents the visitor with glimpses of fading colonial charm. The buildings, the Mall, the picnic spots tell you the story of the era when it was the summer capital of the British India. A visit to the Mall brings you to the centre of activity in the city. Move around the city and you get to see some of the fascinating sights of the landscape around. Jakhoo Hill is the highest point in Shimla and offers a panoramic view of the city. Glen forest is one of the most fascinating picnic spots in Shimla.
Summer Hill has pleasant shady walks in quite surroundings. Chadwick Falls are situated amidst thick forest and gives a breathtaking view. Prospect Hill is a popular picnic spot that gives some beautiful views of the region.
MANALI North of Kullu is a beautiful spot, in the midst of pinewood with high mountains towering above it.
Also know as the 'Queen of Hill Stations', Manali at an altitude of 1,829 meters and 40 Km from Kullu. A veritable showpiece of nature with its unspoilt scenic beauty Manali can be made the headquarters of mountain holiday with hikes, climbs and picnics punctuated with sun-bathing, fishing and just plain lotus eating. there are many apple orchards and fruit gardens near the lovely town which are mainly planted by British settlers.
DARJEELING Darjeeling owes' its grandeur to its natural beauty, its clean fresh mountain air and above all, the smiling resilient people for whom it is a home. Known for its natural splendor, Darjeeling's best gift to its' visitors is the dawn of a new day.
The mountains awaken first with a tentative peeking of the sun TOP DESTINATIONS OUTSIDE INDIA Some of the best honeymoon destinations outside India: SINGAPORE Whether you spend a weekend or a week in Singapore, you won't be short of activities. The endless variety of attractions available at the sun-kissed isle of Sentosa, Singapore's family fun park, will leave you hard pressed for time to cover them in one day. To unravel the mysteries of the deep, check out the Underwater World - Asia's largest oceanarium with over 6,000 fishes spanning 350 species. For a step into Singapore history, take a walk up to Fort Siloso and the Pioneers of Singapore museum. At night, be thrilled by the spectacular water and laser show.
SWITZERLAND Switzerland may be neutral but it is certainly not flavourless. The fusion of German, French and Italian ingredients has formed a robust national culture, and the country's Alpine landscapes have enough zing to reinvigorate the most jaded traveller. Goethe summed up Switzerland succinctly as a combination of 'the colossal and the well-ordered'. The untamed majesty of the Alps and the tidy, just-so precision of Swiss towns prevent Switzerland from ever being as one-dimensional as some pundits like to try and make it.
KUALA LUMPUR When KL does something, it likes to do it big. The twin Petronas Towers skyscrapers - the tallest building in the world - dominate the skyline, while in Merdeka Square stands a 95m (312ft) flagpole. Despite the economic crisis, Kuala Lumpur is currently the site of large-scale development, with work underway on a new US$8 billion city on the southern fringe of the capital as well as an adjoining 'ultra-high-tech multimedia supercorridor'. Before the Asian economic crisis hit in 1997 there were also plans to build the world's longest building, too.
MAURITIUS Mauritius is situated at approximately 2000kilometers to the south -eastern coast of Africa and lies east of Madagascar on 20 S, 57.5 E. The land has an area of 1865 square kilometers with 330 kilometers of coastline. Inland features include a vast central plateau, subtropical forests, rivers, steams and waterfalls. Bordering this tableland are several mountain ranges consisting of diverse shaped masses of basalt testifying the volcanic origins of the island. Three peaks emerge: Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire (828mts) and Le Pouce (812).
As a feast to our members we can get you great discounts on prefabricated honeymoon packages from our associate Shadi Shop travel agencies, as this will also give you better sense of security when you are out on honeymoon and save lot of money thus making your membership worth it’s spending. You can choose from the various packages by going to our website


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